Eiji Aonuma - Producer of "The Legend of Zelda" Series (Nintendo)

For almost 20 years I’ve been creating The Legend of ZeldaTM games, but it’s been a while since I was able to enjoy the experience of solving puzzles. I make them, so I guess it can’t be helped. But, through Defenders of the Triforce, I was able to experience that joy once again! Solving puzzles that people create is FUN! In addition, the exhilaration of debating with your teammates on what to do, shouting “this is the answer!” and waiting for the event cast to check your answers - I didn’t realize it would be so thrilling! We’ve created Zelda games that you can play with multiple players, but the “real” atmosphere in which you and your teammates can solve puzzles together cannot be created within a video game. It was a fresh experience that got continuously more exciting as the game progressed - maybe even a little too much so for my age! Being absorbed into the world, you will find yourself acting like Link! While acting as though you were a hero from a TV show in a fully imagined world, those feelings from childhood come pouring out, making this experience something extremely valuable. Thinking back, it’s a little embarrassing reverting to child-like behaviors, but with all my teammates there with me in our world of make-believe, it made me realize that this is the type of entertainment that only Real Escape Game can give you. All of you should forget who you are, remember your childhood, and dive in to the world of Defenders of the Triforce. Protect the Triforce from Ganondorf’s hands! Even if you only have 1 minute left, don’t give up!

Tamami Kawakata - Game Designer (SCRAP)

My main focus while creating this game was to give the players the most Zelda-like experience possible. I wanted to create a game where both players who are familiar with “The Legend of Zelda” and those who aren’t can enjoy the experience fully. Become Link and enjoy the game! It’ll definitely be a once in a lifetime experience. Real Escape Games are not only games in which you solve puzzles - it’s a style of entertainment in which players can become “the heroes of the story.” This experience brings everyones imaginations to life, and when imaginations come together the world will be a bit more peaceful. At least, that’s what I believe! Within this game, I’ve hidden something that all of you are born with, and still have to this day. Believe in the strength that is more powerful than any person’s body and discover it. This is the kind of game where once you finish, you’ll want to spread kindness to those around you!